Getting WordPress to save your FTP Information

If your a WordPress user which runs WordPress on a server then you’ll know that each time you install or remove a plugin you need to provide FTP information in order for WordPress to  get authorization to add or remove a plugin.

But did you know you can get WordPress to remember the FTP information? Which means you won’t have to constantly keep typing in your password each time you add or remove a plugin!

All you need to do is locate your wp-config.php file which is located within the first directory of your wordpress installation.  Once you’ve located the wp-config.php file open it up in some form of text editor, you edit it via your webhost control panel or over FTP it’s up to you.

Now once you’ve got your wp-config.php file open this is where I will say, DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING. This file (while small) controls part of your WordPress installation and changing any part of it can stuff up your WordPress powered website unless you know what your doing. Luckily we won’t be changing anything just adding a couple of lines to the file. Scroll down to the bottom of the wp-config.php file until you see ?> This represents the closing tag of a PHP script. Add the following just before the end PHP tag:

/* WordPress FTP Information (For removing the constant password request on plugin install and removal) */

define("FTP_HOST", "");
define("FTP_USER", "username");
define("FTP_PASS", "password");

Change the example data to your settings. If you are unsure of your FTP account details contact your host, im sure they’d happily enlighten you!

Save your changes to your wp-config.php file. You can now go ahead and test out your addition by installing a plugin using the Add new feature you should fine that the plugin will install without requesting your FTP password.

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  1. Please keep thorwing these posts up they help tons.

  2. This really answered my problem, thank you!

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