sodinkimA project www.sodinkim.lt is aimed at making the environment in the city filled with more green colors.
It is always a pleasure to see green trees when looking out of the window of your house or hide from the sun heat in the shadow of a tree on a hot summer day or just attach swings to a branch of a tree.

We implement similar free projects regularly.


At the start of my career I was working as a web site administrator and one of the main of my work responsibilities was to put web content and images related to it.

Very often when searching for images we use common search engines (for example, www.google.com) but in this case the search for images may be time – consuming and a danger of breach of intelectual property rights exsists.

In order to avoid this, it is worth using photo sites where other users share their own photos with others (for example, http://www.sxc.hu/). When searching for images in such sites, you can find very original and rare images, avoid problems of possible breach of intelectual property rights.

By the way, www.sxc.hu has a very clear search which makes the search for images very fast.

This is my favourite stock photo site.
If you have your favourite image site, please write a comment about it.

Big Bang

Like Big Bang is a beginning of the Universe this post is a beginning of mediaart blog. Stay with us and together we will discuss our web projects and other web development issues.