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SugerCrm: How to disable Ajax for a specific module

birželio 13th, 2012

You also have option of disabling the AjaxUI for modules or across the entire system. From 6.3 version, SugarCrm have admin section for disabling the AjaxUI on a per module basis (/index.php?module=Administration&action=ConfigureAjaxUI). It can also be done manually in the config override with a line like: $sugar_config[‘addAjaxBannedModules’][] = „Acounts“; That would cause links to the […]

SugarCRM: adding custom field in subpanel

balandžio 21st, 2011

How to add custom field into subpanel? Belo is example of Contracts subpanel that is showing in Accounts module/detailview. irst thing that needs to be done is define a new field in subpanel definition and make that field point to a class. We are edititing the following file custom/modules/Contracts/metadata/subpanels/ForAccounts.php and adding additional field fot showing […]

Web form to Custom Module

kovo 1st, 2011

I need capture info from web to my custom SugarCRM module. After some modification i use „Web to lead“ script: require_once(‘modules/MyModule/MyModule.php’); if (… we are saving custom Module …) { $myinfo = new MyModule(); $myinfo->phone = $_REQUEST[‘phone’]; $myinfo->fax = $_REQUEST[‘fax’]; $myinfo->email = $_REQUEST[’email’]; // etc… $myinfo->save(); } // done! i f somebody have better soltion […]