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about nerds

spalio 28th, 2011

I visited with my boss, and a client whose website I’m going to do. The client had met my boss before, but not me. So, my boss introduced me: Boss: Well, this is the guy who’s doing your website, Bob. Client: Hi there! So you’re the nerd, right?   from:

Adobe Photoshop CS6

spalio 26th, 2011

Today found nice torrent – „Adobe Photoshop CS6 v13.0 Pre Release Incl Keymaker-CORE „. After search of new features I watch nice video: and some fake video to: Will check more new future from CS6 and post here.

How to find all large files on a Linux machine

spalio 12th, 2011

Finds all files over 20,000KB (roughly 20MB) in size and presents their names and size in a human readable format: find . -size +20000k -exec du -h {} \;

Google Dart V.S. JavaScript

spalio 11th, 2011

A technical overview on the Dart language site, „Dart programmers can optionally add static types to their code. Depending on programmer preference and stage of application development, the code can migrate from a simple, untyped experimental prototype to a complex, modular application with typing. Because types state programmer intent, less documentation is required to explain […]